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How to share your Netflix subscription

Saturday, January 21, 2023

How to share your Netflix subscription?

Watch Netflix films & TV series online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more.

Type of sharing:
Password sharing

Number of places:
From 2 to 4 seats

Are you an owner? Before you start, make sure you have subscribed to one of these offers:

Watch Netflix on 2 screens at once. HD available

Watch Netflix on 4 screens at once. HD and Ultra HD available

* Prices from Netflix.com since 10/01/2023

We would like to remind you that our service works on the basis of goodwill and trust between the owner and the subscriber. We therefore kindly ask you to respect ShareMembrShip's Terms and Conditions in order to benefit from the best possible experience.
So you use ShareMembrShip to share your Netflix account? We will give you the best practices to adopt so that everything goes smoothly.

Important : Before you start, if you want to share your Netflix account, we advise you to use a password dedicated to it! Not your email password - To avoid any security issue.

Create a profile for each new subscriber: 

In order for everyone to enjoy their profile as they wish, it is a good idea for each user to create their own profile. This creation can be done either beforehand by the owner, or by the subscriber after accessing the service. 

Even if nothing prevents a user from accessing another person's profile, this will encourage him/her to click on his/her name 😁

The method :

On the Netflix home page, click on "Add a profile "Give your profile a name" as shown in the image below and click on Continue : 

How to share your Netflix subscription

Netflix gives you the possibility to customize your profile according to your tastes in order to offer you films and series in line with your choices.

Make your choice and then click on Continue.

Your profile is created! 😀

You can now fully enjoy the Netflix catalogue.